Aleksandr Baydyuk
— Designer and developer


I can say with certainty that the services I provide are by default of high quality of performance, because my work is my hobby. I do not deal with projects that are not interesting to me, or simply for the sake of money, because I can not limit their successful completion.


The main directions of my activity:



Graphic design

Graphic design has ceased to be the lot of people who know how to draw well and turned into the necessary skill of many creative professions.

The work of a graphic designer is a union of creativity and logic.

Every day you come across advertising: advertising on the streets of the city, advertising in transport, advertising in printing, advertising on the Internet. These are posters, labels, business cards, logos, banners, posters, etc. ..osters, etc.

The graphic designer solves several complex and important tasks simultaneously. The product created by it (logo, font, etc.) should be bright, memorable and unique, take into account the specifics of the organization for which it is developed, and at the same time be suitable for printing. Therefore, for a graphic designer, it is important that his creative origin strictly obey the laws of logic.

If you need a unique logo, a cool business card, a poster that will be remembered or the design of a new site – I dare to recommend my services.

I develop a design with in-depth study of the subjects of your business, analysis of competitors, studying the psychology of potential customers. I’m interested in fashion trends and trends in design and art, so all my works correspond to the current “trends”.

Web development

Representation of the company on the Internet is the most important condition for any successful enterprise. A quality website will increase the number of sales or ordering services, carry out advertising campaigns and effectively attract potential customers.

We live in the era of technological progress, where it is very difficult to imagine ourselves without the Internet. We spend a lot of time online – looking for and posting various information, get acquainted and communicate with people. All that is now on the Internet, created by the hands of computer “maniacs” – web developers.

Website creation is a hobby that has grown into a profession.

I perfectly understand what an Internet product should be and how to achieve it.

One of my key advantages is a rich experience in the development of sites and individual IT solutions for automating complex web projects. I integrate my solutions into the systems of my clients, which allows them to optimally solve business problems and automate business processes.

Promotion in the Internet

Promotion of a site/community is not an end goal. The principle of rendering my services is to increase sales and/or increase the flow of potential customers.

You invest in the future of your company, achieve business payback, increase ROI (return on investment) and profit. I know that you need not just promotion (site, services or products of the company, institution) – you need to increase sales, expand the client base and develop your business.

Integrated Internet marketing helps to attract customers effectively and solve business problems.

The main channels of promotion: SEO, contextual advertising, media advertising, email marketing, SMM, work with aggregators.

While in the Runet the purchase of links and the writing of re-optimized SEO texts flourished, I relied on omnichannel and exclusively “white” methods of promotion, and I achieved serious success in this direction.

Development of electronics

Designing and developing electronics is a relatively new direction for me, despite the fact that I started radio electronics in the distant 2005.

The production of electronics is a complex type of work aimed at preparing products for serial production, during which the manufacture of printed circuit boards undergoes extensive testing at the very beginning of the process. The production uses state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials, which ensures reliability and long-term operation of the devices.

The main direction of development – telemetry devices (weather stations, portable devices for measuring temperature, humidity, etc.); automation systems (wireless devices on / off by schedule or event); access control devices (sensors and warning devices).

I propose the development of not only prototypes of electronic devices, but I also set up serial production. I will be useful to those who are tired of the long and vague answers of the Chinese, as well as if you really appreciate your idea and do not want it to fall into the wrong hands with the subsequent release of copies of your device.